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Can I take your products if I have had breast cancer or a hormone sensitive cancer?

How quickly should I see results?

Our community efficacy studies indicate that most people start to see improvements to their symptoms within 4-6 weeks. But every body is different. And how you live, plus outside factors play a huge part in how you transition through menopause. Our r

Can MPowder products be taken alongside HRT?

Although we have formulated our range to ensure there are no known contra-indications with the ingredients in our blends and body-identical HRT, we always advise that you speak to your doctor first. Then, if you'd like to discuss options further, you

I'm already taking a number of supplements. Should I stop these when I start taking your blends each day?

If you're on any medication and/ or you've been prescribed supplementation for a vitamin deficiency you should always check with your doctor before introducing MPowder to your daily routine. MPowder Peri-Boost and Meno-Boost are designed to deliver a

How do I know which MPowder product is right for me?

Our MPowder Find your Blend tool is designed to help you select the right product(s) from our range for the lifestage you are in, now.

What do your powdered blends taste like?

All our powdered formulas have a functional taste due to their plant-based formulation and the inclusion of bitter herbs. Unlike other brands, we purposefully don’t add masking agents or artificial flavours, so that you get the full benefit of pure,

Can I take MPowder alongside my collagen supplement?

According to the current research available, there are no contraindications between MPowder formulations and pure collagen supplements. We would suggest leaving a gap of at least two hours before or after taking our powdered blends to reduce any pote

Can I take MPowder products with my prescription medicines?

As with any supplement, we always request that you talk to your doctor before introducing our blends. This is particularly important if you are taking medication or have an underlying health condition. You can find a full ingredient list for our Peri