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Gut Instinct

Why did you choose to focus on digestion with your latest Cluster formulation?

We now know that menopause not only impacts our metabolic rate in menopause - it impacts our gut microbiota and gut permeability  too. This means that a disproportionate number of women in menopause have digestive symptoms including discomfort, bloat

Why have you chosen not to include probiotics in this formula?

Although probiotics are gaining in popularity, practitioners will agree not everyone actually needs or will benefit from them. Gut Instinct is designed to gently support digestive health and uses potent prebiotics which actually help our bodies to pr

Can I take my probiotic alongside Gut Instinct?

We would recommend you speak to your practitioner but there are no contraindications to taking Gut Instinct alongside a probiotic.

I’ve seen many ‘gut’ products talk about time-release capsules or liquid formats to aid bio-availability. How does Gut Instinct work?

Herbs work differently from probiotic formulas. Because herbs are ‘whole food’, our bodies are able to digest them in the gut, and we are able to extract optimal nutrition and benefits. This also means we don’t need to introduce often unproven, time-

Does Gut Instinct help with weight as well as bloating?

We feel uncomfortable about promoting weight loss - particularly in midlife - this is the time to focus on nourishment not punishment! Gut Instinct focuses on digestion and liver support and health through the lens of naturopathy, which in turn suppo

Will Gut Instinct help me regulate my appetite?

Our formulation contains herbal heroes that are also known as Bitters. Bitters have several beautiful health benefits, including promoting digestion and the digestion of fat. They also regulate GIT hormone secretion,  such as ghrelin and GLP-1, which

How do I take Gut Instinct?

You should take 1 capsule, ideally 30 minutes before a main meal, up to 3 capsules a day.

How often should I take Gut Instinct?

This formula is designed to work around your digestive needs. Because our gut microbiota tends to be so impacted by menopause, and bloating is such a challenge, many of us will benefit from taking it before every main meal, up to three times daily. B

How quickly should I see results?

You can expect immediate results with Gut Instinct, as whenever you take it before food, it will help with digestion.It is also designed to support your body long-term. By improving your digestion capacity,  liver health, and “feeding” your gut micro

I don't eat 3 meals a day. How should I take Gut-instinct?

If someone is eating fewer than 3 main meals daily, e.g., 2 main meals, for optimal results we suggest taking 2 capsules together before your largest or 'richest' (meaning higher in fat and/or protein) meal and 1 capsule before the second main meal.