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Why did you choose to focus on digestion with your latest Cluster formulation?Updated 6 months ago

We now know that menopause not only impacts our metabolic rate in menopause - it impacts our gut microbiota and gut permeability  too. This means that a disproportionate number of women in menopause have digestive symptoms including discomfort, bloating and gas. In addition, our digestive capacity reduces in this period, leading to difficulties in digesting protein and fat, resulting in intolerances and issues with food we love, but no longer loves us back.
Gut Instinct uses a unique blend of herbs to support our digestive health and our liver. Its prebiotic properties help to nourish a compromised gut microbiota. And the inclusion of Actazin, a patented hero ingredient from the kiwi fruit, has been shown in trials to enhance protein digestion (including gluten) and fat digestion too. Artichoke extract allows us to support a healthy lipid profile and fat digestion, and regulate both appetite and blood sugar, which can be a key concern for many of us in menopause. 
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