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I don't eat 3 meals a day. How should I take Gut-instinct?Updated 6 months ago

If someone is eating fewer than 3 main meals daily, e.g., 2 main meals, for optimal results we suggest taking 2 capsules together before your largest or 'richest' (meaning higher in fat and/or protein) meal and 1 capsule before the second main meal. However, while we advocate Time Restricted Eating as a healthy and balanced form of fasting for most people, we believe that it works better when we don't skip main meals and/or significantly reduce calorie intake long-term but instead focus on still eating 3 balanced main meals - based on a nourishing Mediterranean diet - during the eating window (e.g., a 10-hour eating window while fasting for 14 hours in a 24-hour period). This may play a key role in sustaining healthy blood sugar levels, energy, concentration, mood, and a healthy weight, among other health benefits. But we also acknowledge that everyone is different, so if you would like to learn more about your individual needs, it may be helpful to talk to a qualified health practitioner. We are here if you would like to take the first step and have an initial chat with our team.

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