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Can this be taken alongside your foundational blends?

Although Mood-Food can be taken alongside Peri-Boost, we always suggest you start with one blend — ideally monitoring impact with us through our free symptom tracking service - before introducing a second. Please also note that Mood-food contains som

How do I know if I need this as well as your foundational blends?

If you have been taking our foundational blends for more than 3 months and are still experiencing symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, poor sleep and fatigue, Mood-Food may be what you need. This formulation was formulated to provide an additional bo

I thought your foundational blends delivered everything I needed. Why is this offered as an addition now?

We’re very proud to be a brand based on insight and community. And, over the last two years, our tracking studies have highlighted the persistent nature of these cluster symptoms for many in our community. Whilst we see a downward trajectory of sympt

What time of day should I take it?

We recommend you take Mood-Food in the morning, so you can benefit from its anxiolytic as well as cognition, mood and energy-boosting properties throughout the day. Don’t worry about sleep! The adaptogenic qualities of this formula mean it will also

I hate tablets/ pills! How should I take this?

You can open the capsule and dilute the powder content in a small amount of water. Note that due to the presence of turmeric, it may stain so make sure you do it over the sink!

What research supports these ingredients?

See links in the “Clinical References” section below. Clinical References. Bacopa:.

When should I see results?

Everyone is different but you should see results after 1 month if you take the formula daily. However, as with any supplement, diet or lifestyle change, for optimal results, we advise sticking to this protocol for a minimum of 3 months.

Why did you choose these 3 symptoms to focus on?

Because we know from our community, as well as research into the most persistent menopause symptoms, that these 3 often start in early perimenopause and can extend beyond menopause with a significant impact on quality of life. These cluster symptoms