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What to expect

I've started noticing my stools are looser - is this normal?

In the first 1-3 weeks of introducing products from our range, you may experience changes in the frequency of bowel movements as well as stool consistency. However, if you experience extreme discomfort or diarrhoea, it may be that you need to introdu

How quickly should I see results?

Our community efficacy studies indicate that most people start to see improvements to their symptoms within 4-6 weeks. But every body is different. And how you live, plus outside factors play a huge part in how you transition through menopause. Our r

What do your powdered blends taste like?

All our powdered formulas have a functional taste due to their plant-based formulation and the inclusion of bitter herbs. Unlike other brands, we purposefully don’t add masking agents or artificial flavours, so that you get the full benefit of pure,