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Making MPowder work for you

Where can I find recipes for MPowder smoothies, protein balls and more?

Simply head to our recipe blog to find the latest recipes from our community.

Can I cook with MPowder blends?

MPowder can be added to hot ingredients but to preserve the nutritional hit, we don't recommend baking with our blends.

How can I tell if your products work?

Each of our products contain ingredients at the therapeutic dosage levels that have shown potential in the lab studies. We also undertake our own efficacy studies and report on our findings. But every body is different. To ensure you can measure the

Are there any common allergens in your products?

Please check the ingredients in our blends prior to purchase. All allergens are clearly marked in bold.

What happens if I have an adverse reaction to your products?

Please contact your health provider immediately.

Can I overdose on MPowder?

All of our products are designed to give you a dosage within accepted daily levels of intake. We do not recommend you exceed the stated dosage.

Can I make Peri-Boost or Meno-Boost into a hot drink?

As long as you don't boil our powders, they can be mixed with warm milk, coffee or drinking chocolate. In addition, a number of the people in our community take it with warm water and find it works really well as a coffee replacement!

How do I know which MPowder product is right for me?

Our MPowder Find your Blend tool is designed to help you select the right product(s) from our range for the lifestage you are in, now.