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Can MPowder be taken alongside thyroid medication?Updated 8 months ago

If you have an underlying health condition, it is important that you talk to your GP before introducing any supplement to your daily routine. In addition, the data regarding soya and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) remains inconclusive so we advise caution when taking alongside our powders, which makes it even more important to seek medical advice. You can find a full ingredient list of our Peri-Boost, HERE, Meno-Boost, HERE, and Mood Food, HERE - and, if you book a quick digital appointment with your doctor and share this detail, they should be able to give you the reassurance, based on their knowledge of you alongside your thyroid issues.

Finally, it's worth noting that whenever you introduce a new supplement to your routine, it's important to look at what else you already take to ensure you don't find yourself accidentally taking too much of a vitamin, botanical or mineral. 

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