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Can I take your products if I have had breast cancer or a hormone sensitive cancer?Updated 5 months ago

All the blends in our range harness wholefoods, herbs and botanicals as well as vitamins and minerals, which means isoflavones are present. Isoflavones act as phytoestrogens by mimicking natural estrogens in the body. Research on the role of phytoestrogens in estrogen-dependent cancers including some types of breast cancer is inconclusive. So, although the consumption of soy foods (which contain isoflavones) is considered healthy and safe, Peri-Boost contains higher concentrations of soya isoflavones than food. Meno-Boost contains Red Clover extract at a therapeutic but low dosage level. Red Clover also contains isoflavones. The medical guidance around the inclusion of isoflavones in the diet for women with a history of some cancers is mixed. Without knowing the full detail of your story, our advice would be not to take our foundational powders, Peri-Boost and Meno-Boost. However, Mood-Food, our first powdered capsule targeting the cluster symptoms of mood, brain fog and anxiety, contains ingredients with no known contraindications with hormone-sensitive cancers and may therefore be considered - but we'd still ask you to speak to your doctor first. 

Please visit our Menopause and Cancer resource page HERE.

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